KAREN GUTHRIE is an experienced attorney. For over a decade, she was responsible for various legal matters in her position as in-house counsel for several fortune 500 companies.  Her many years of experience as a business lawyer, combined with her hands-on experience as a business person, makes her the lawyer for you and your business.  Representing employers & employees in ADA, FMLA, Contracts,Business Formation, & Discrimination. 

​​​You deserve a reasonable expectation of the cost of your legal service.

About The Firm

Divorce is a stressful experience for the adults and children of a family. Karen understands that no two families are alike therefore each divorce settlement and custody arrangement must be tailored to each individual family. Having been a single parent, she knows firsthand the difficult decision to divorce and raise children in separate homes. She will compassionately guide you through the divorce process and vigorously represent your interests. Karen can provide you with mediation to assist in resolving your divorce issues.

Guthrie Law, LLC
Law practice areas: Employment, Divorce, Business, and Mediation


​LAKSHMI MITTAL is a consultant to Guthrie Law. She is an attorney, licensed in India, where she is  well-known at the Delhi high court and district courts in the national capital region of India. She was appointed as Senior Consultant to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs in India. She has more than 14 years of practice in the following legal matters: business, employment, telecommunications, family law., and financial fraud. 

Attorney and Mediator.

Hourly Rates – a traditional method of billing by the hour.

Flat Rate – a  set rate for specific legal matters giving you notice of certain know costs thus allowing you to budget your expenses. Guthrie Law provides representation in whole or in part for certain legal matters including employment, business contracts, and divorce.
Combined Rate–  a combination of a flat rate and an hourly rate because some issues, such as negotiation, cannot be accurately gauged. You will know in advance if a rate is flat or hourly.

Retainer- An initial retainer is required that is replenished throughout the proceedings. The retainer is applied to your bill.

Getting to know you meeting - It’s about 15 minutes on the phone at no charge to you; an in-person pre-paid introductory meeting is a flat rate of $200. That meeting is 1 to 2 hours.

Office hours 9-5:30 M-F, other times by appointment. Mediation is available on Saturday between 10 AM- 3 PM. Free parking in front of the office.

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On Call Retainer For Business Clientsan agreement to provide a certain number of hours at a specific reduced hourly rate for general business legal services making Guthrie Law your virtual in-house counsel. When the need arises, detailed legal service is provided at the hourly rate, the fixed rate, or the combined rate. Meetings available at your business during business hours.

In-House Counsel Program For Business Clients - tailored to your needs. You choose a flat fee or a reduced fee plan.

Client Engagement Letter- is signed by both of us and outlines the service I will provide in response to your legal matter or mediation. The letter will also provide the billing rate, the amount of the specific retainer to begin the work, and the costs for various services.

Payment- by check, cash, or credit card